Manufacturing base and R&D center
with international advanced standard for the production of High-end machines
Advanced international standardization,
green ecology, intelligent high-end equipment
R & D manufacturing base
In pursuit of highly reliable and quality product, Safe-run always adhere the principle of self-independent processing and controlling of the core-components production. Safe-run use latest international advanced mechanical equipment such as fixed beam series gantry five-sided processing center, horizontal boring and milling processing center, vertical processing center, and turning and milling compound processing center.
Safe-run firmly believes that the high-precision parts are the basic unit of high-end equipment; and the high performable raw-materials as well as high-precision testing means are the basis of reliable components processing. As a result, Safe-Run implements physicochemical risk management room and ultra-precision testing center.At the same time, Safe-Run also has a mechanical engineering laboratory with ambient temperature of 20°C±1°C and dust-free air treatment, which is mainly used for the experiment of key components through the test data to guide and verify the R&D design.
To build a smart factory by combining
the automation and information technology perfectly
At present, Safe-Run is committed to build a smart factory by combining the automation and information technology perfectly. It also aims on promoting a high degree
of integration between industrialization and informatization. “Smart Safe-Run” has goals that cover intelligent products, and has already realized remote and big data
smart operations, the digitization of the production process, smart management with advanced automatic office and intelligent management systems. In future, Safe-Run
will continue to promote the development of “Smart Safe-Run,” creating and advancing the integration of smart workshops, machinery and product visualization.
Smart decision making
Collaborative design
Flexible manufacturing
Supply management
Service management
Modern Eco-Friendly Factory
The open design of Safe-Run's modern eco-factory embodies the international management concept of the company.“People-oriented” is one of the most important
rapid developing concepts followed by Safe-Run. Hence,the natural beautiful scenery and friendly leisure environment have been created for the employees.
This embodies the Safe-Run’s care, respect, focus, and attention for its employees.