Made with proprietary technology,
From high-end mechanical machinery enter to high-end smart mechanical machinery
Meet Our R&D
R&D team consists of senior
and professional experts from home
and abroad
With rich professional experience and high
technical level, Safe-Run’s R&D team has
always beenin the leading positionin
the industry.
Huge R&D Investment:
Safe-Run has high annual R&D investment
costs.A large amount of money
is invested annually for employee training.
Intellectual property
is backbone of innovation
Being technical enterprise, the company
is aware that its intellectual property
is backbone of innovation. Safe-Run has
established a core group of patent experts
to carry out patent strategy globally.
The application and
customization of big
data and smart modules
Safe-Run constantly seeks innovation depth as well as breadth to integrate with
smartinformation technology. Big data and smart modules make Safe-Runto achieve
breakthroughs in R&D production process. Safe-run continues to improve and
introduce innovative products as well as subversive products.