PCR Uni-stage Tire Building Machine

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Machine Dimensions
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SR-PUC1 is a fully automated PCR tire building machine, it is a milestone product of technology innovation of Safe-run tire building machine, It integrates many automatic and intelligent manufacturing technologies developed independently by Safe-run, the single tire production cycle will be greatly reduced, compared with the earlier machines, the efficiency increased by 35% and the labor input could be reduced by 50%, greatly improved the market competitiveness of products.

·Fixed transfer ring and back roller assembly, moving building drum

·The standard equipped robot can be connected with weigh, repair, spray, logistics and so on

·It can be equipped with a two-station carriage

·Advanced material transfer and playing-up function

·The visual operation interface (HMI) makes the operation more convenient

·Centralized lubrication for convenient equipment maintenance

·Optional includes bar code system, automatic joint detection,etc.

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