"People-oriented" development concept
The open-end design of Safe-Run modern eco-friendly factory reflects its international business management philosophy.
“People-oriented” is one of the most important development concepts of Safe-Run. It creates an ecological and beautiful
working as well as leisure environment for employees. It fully embodies the company's philosophy of caring for employees,
attaching importance to employees, and respecting employees' humanistic care.
Enterprise culture
learning, progress, modification!
The Safe-Run Mission
Serving as an innovative and reliable partner in the international tire industry.
Through our operations, we aim to push forward international tire manufacturing technology. 
The Safe-Run Vision
Serving as a valuable partner in the worldwide tire manufacturing industry by delivering
technologically-advanced machines offered at excellent quality and with superior services,
while offering one of the best price performance ratios in the world.
Enterprise honor
Specialized innovative giant enterprise training projects for Jiangsu province industrial and information industry transformation special fund
Established Jiangsu Internet and Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Research Center for Tire Manufacturing Industry
Passed the authorization of the provincial industrial enterprise technology center
Became one of the first batch of high-quality development (industrial economy) planning projects in Kunshan
Awarded “Excellent Green Supplier” for “Sustainable Improvement” and “Green Supply Chain” by Shandong Linglong Tire
Awarded Suzhou Seagull Project for acquisition of overseas talents
Won Top 10 Outstanding Private Enterprises in Zhoushi Town
Became the first batch of gazelle enterprises in Kunshan
Champion of intelligent semi-steel one-time tire building machine solo competition in Kunshan
Technology achievement transformation project in Jiangsu Province for the research and industrialization of intelligent flexible molding equipment of radial tire one-time method