Safe-Run is in Action for Resuming Work and Production Under the Epidemic Situation!


Overall Resumption of Work and Production

On 23 January 2020, relevant government departments have issued infection status and notifications about 2019-nCoV. After fully collecting relevant information about the epidemic situation and conducting in-depth discussions, on basis of in the morning of the same day, the company released the No. 1 document of the Safety Production Commission in the name of the Safety Production Commission and established the company's special safety group against 2019-nCoV under its great attention to the possible impacts which the epidemic situation may bring.

The special safety group against 2019-nCoV is responsible for collecting all the epidemic information, preparing materials, calming the emotions of employees, receiving government documents, and cooperating with the implementation of government requirements for prevention and control, taking, Yingzi Zhang, the president, as the group leader; Yingli Wang, the company's vice president, as the executive deputy group leader; the supervisor of each department, as the group members. Through preliminary preparations and internal assessments, the company will gradually resume work and production from 17 February 2020.

01 Attach Great Importance and Timely Response

As a saying that goes, to do good work must first sharpen his tools. In order to resist the sudden epidemic situation, the company has made full preparation on the epidemic prevention materials, and purchased infrared thermometer, disinfectant and disposable medical mask through various channels at the first time, so as to ensure the orderly and defensive implementing of production and operation.

With the spread of the epidemic, the company has further strengthened the epidemic prevention measures, including adopting closed-off management for the plant areas and dormitories, and prohibiting non-company employees from entering and leaving. In addition, the company conducts temperature measurement, personal protection supervision and safety propaganda for every employee entering the company or the dormitory every day; the plant areas and dormitories shall be disinfected regularly and completely every day, and crowd gathering activities shall be prohibited.

02 Keep up with the Policy and Strictly Implement it

The special safety group against 2019-nCoVpays close attention to and strictly abides by the latest prevention and control requirements issued by the Kunshan governments of Jiangsu province every day. According to the "Nine Requirements" for the prevention and control of the epidemic, the company decided to cancel the decision to resume work on 10 February, and let all employees stay in their places of residence. They are not allowed to return to Kunshan at will until receiving the company's notice, so as to reduce the additional verification workload for the government caused by the entry of foreign personnel into Kunshan.

In terms of turnover, the company strictly complies with the requirements of government departments to conduct statistical investigations on the personal information and itineraries of all employees of the company, including destinations and times of round-trip, tools used, and the health status of employees. For employees in key epidemic provinces, they are required to rest at home and not return to Kunming without receiving the company's notice; for employees who have returned to Kunshan from key epidemic provinces, they are required to be in home isolation or centralized isolation for 14 days and not allowed to go out at will.

In order to prevent the risk of cross infection caused by centralized dining, our company encourages employees to eat in multiple batches, so as to reduce the number of gathered people as much as possible, and post posters in prominent places of the restaurant to remind employees to wash their hands before meals. What’s more, our company encourages employees to prepare their own lunch boxes and line up for meals, with queue spacing at least one meter. At the same time, it is regulated that all employees must have one table for each meal, and it is forbidden to gather for dinner. Besides, masks can only be taken off after sitting down, and they must be worn when queuing and leaving the table. In addition, our company suggests that during the epidemic, employees can bring food to the office for dinner. Each tea room shall be equipped with detergent, hand sanitizer for cleaning.

In addition, the company also requires employees to cooperate with the traffic control work of the government; requires employees to actively report personal itineraries, vehicles and other information; requires employees not to organize and participate in parties, dinners and other activities during the epidemic.


03 Continuous Care Offered under the Epidemic Situation

The disease is cruel, while people always show kindness. Since the outbreak of epidemic, the company has always been concerned about the physical and mental health of every employee. The company arranges specials to be responsible for daily communication with the employees stranded in key epidemic provinces and isolated at home through the mobile information platform, including asking about their health status, calming employees' emotions, reassuring them to protect at home, and contributing to the fight against the epidemic. For those who have returned to Kunming from the key epidemic provinces, the company also gives humanistic care during the extraordinary period, arranging one person to one dormitory for isolation. What’s more, the company provides daily disinfection of the dormitory, daily temperature measurement of the staff, and daily meal delivery by specials, so as to ensure that the employees can pass the isolation period in a healthy and safe manner.

During the period of isolation, in order to ensure the safety of resumption of work, the company requires employees to log on to the online safety training website; and conduct self-learning on epidemic knowledge, safety management, electricity safety, equipment operation safety, and personal protective equipment wearing specifications during the epidemicthrough online videos.

Due to the impact of the 2019-nCoV, our company encourages the employees who are not on duty to work online at home. All work docking matters can be communicated through the mobile information platform, so as to ensure the fastest and best service for customers as always!

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Safe-Run has strictly implemented the prevention and control requirements of the local government, and there is no vacancy or disorder in the fight against the epidemic. It has entered a critical period to win this epidemic prevention and control resistance war. Safe-Run company will always strengthen safety management, strictly implement various epidemic prevention and control measures, firmly believe in ensuring the orderly resumption of production, and maximize the protection of customer interests.